Our Clients

Typical clients are small to mid-size organizations or departments within larger organizations that need senior-level assistance, but do not need it on a full-time or permanent basis.

Organizations generally feel that a consultant's or agency's expertise and past experiences in a particular industry or field is important. Roger Ruhl tends to disagree.

"I sold major league baseball and the programs and services of a chamber of commerce," said Ruhl. "And I have worked with dozens of clients to help them sell their products and services. The principles and process are remarkably similar. A lack of familiarity with a particular industry can even be an asset ... a forest from the trees perspective."

Roger Ruhl's list of current or previous clients includes a school district, a physician's group, a foundation, a suburban chamber of commerce, a start-up economic development organization, a community horticultural organization, a business publication, a national home goods manufacturer, departments within two universities, and a company specializing in heat treating, blasting and painting of industrial equipment.