Our Services

All too often a caller’s first words are, “I need a brochure.”  Or a news release, or newspaper ad, or a radio spot, or a web site, or a new logo.

Maybe so … but one of the first services we provide is to dig a little deeper and try to raise the conversation to the bigger picture.

What is the caller – and potential client -- really trying to accomplish?  Does the organization have a strategic plan?  Is there a marketing plan?  Are there marketing objectives, goals and strategies?  Who is the audience?  What time frames are involved?   

The answers to these questions determine the specific services or tactics we recommend, and scope and quality of what is most appropriate determines who provides them.  It may be a brochure, but often the first step is development or refinement of a marketing plan or campaign plan.

The bottom line is – we help people develop their story and key messages and then communicate them in a positive, persuasive and cost-effective way to their key audiences.

The process is not that complicated:

* Develop “the story” and four to six key messages.

* Identify the audiences.

* Determine the best and most cost-effective ways to deliver

the messages.

* Track results and make adjustments.

Examples of services:

Marketing/communication plan

Market research

Customer survey

Print advertising

Radio advertising

TV advertising

Outdoor advertising

Sales kit



Direct mail

Public and media relations

News releases

News and feature pitches/placements

Speaking platforms and speeches

Web site

Inflatable gorilla


Some additional thoughts about

The Role of Marketing Communications …

Marketing and Communications ...

*  Increase awareness levels of key messages and products/services among key audiences

*  Strengthen perceptions and correct misperceptions.

Increased Marketing and Communications can …

* Counter competitive and other threats to maintaining current level of business, and/or

* Contribute to accelerating the growth curve.

Marketing Communications should be viewed as a business investment, not an expense, and works best in the growth cycle IF …

* The product or service is good,

* There is a market for the product or service,

* The company has the capacity to grow, and

* The company wants to grow.